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Need information for a specific product? Get help pairing, troubleshooting, and more with the guides here.

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Connect to Bluetooth

Wondering how to pair wireless earbuds or how to pair wireless headphones. Our guide makes it easy to connect to bluetooth and easily pair your JLab headphones to your device. Easy guide on how to pair your headphones and earbuds with bluetooth.

7 articles
Troubleshooting Earbuds

Need help with your JLab earbuds? Check out our guides on troubleshooting JLab earbuds including charging, and how to reset your earbuds.

2 articles
Troubleshooting Headphones

Need help with troubleshooting your headphones? Check out this section if you want to use audio burn-in or if your microphone has no sound transmitted.

2 articles

Check out JLab General Shipping information including shipping times or need help with your shipment.

1 article

Find out how to file a claim and the entire warranty policy.

2 articles

Check out some JLab how-to videos, as well as product guides.

16 articles

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