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Connect to Bluetooth

Wondering how to pair wireless earbuds or how to pair wireless headphones. Our guide makes it easy to connect to bluetooth and easily pair your JLab headphones to your device. Easy guide on how to pair your headphones and earbuds with bluetooth.

How To: Pair Your Headphones, Earbuds to your iPhone or Smartphone

Bluetooth can be tricky sometimes, we get it. It's an evolving technology that is always improving. However, it's still reliable and fun and avoids the fuss of tangled wires (thankfully). Bluetooth technology gives you more mobility to get rid of hea

How To: Pair Your Headphones, Earbuds to your Mac

If you still do not hear sound from your Bluetooth headphones, please follow these steps.

How To: Pair Your Headphones, Earbuds to your PC

Your device should now be paired!

How To: Pair Your Headphones, Earbuds to your Nintendo Switch

If you have been wondering how to connect wireless headphones to Nintendo Switch, well now you finally can pair your Bluetooth headphones to your Nintendo Switch without using an adapter. Use your JLab True Wireless Bluetooth headphones as your switc

How to: Pair your Headphones, Earbuds to PS5

Unfortunately, when trying to connect from your headset for Playstation to the Playstation console itself, you will find that there is no Bluetooth connectivity to be able to connect wireless. However, that does not make your Playstation 5 headset us

How to: Pair your Headphones, Earbuds to Xbox One

Xbox Wireless is able to connect without cables to the Xbox One, however it is through their proprietary Xbox Wireless instead of Bluetooth. Because it is at a different radio frequency than standard Bluetooth (2.4GHz) headphones are unable to connec

How to: Pair your JLab Headphones to Multiple Devices using Bluetooth Multipoint

Note: not all JLab products offer Bluetooth Multipoint as a functionality, for a entire list of products that have Bluetooth Multipoint as a feature please check out our Bluetooth Multipoint Collection.