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dB Rating for Everyday ActivitiesUpdated a year ago

Did you know that different everyday activities have different "volume" ratings we measure in decibels (dB)? Activities with higher decibels may cause long term damage to your hearing without the right protection.

Low dB (decibels) Activities

  • Refrigerator Hum: 40 dB
  • Normal Conversation: 60 dB
  • Air Conditioner: 60 dB

Medium / Neutral dB (decibels) Activities

  • Lawnmowers:80-85 dB
  • Vacuum Noise: 80-85 dB
  • Overstimulating Environments: 80-85 dB

High dB (decibels) Activities

  • Motorcycle: 95 dB
  • Sports Stadium Events: 100 dB
  • Concerts: 105-110 dB
  • Monster Truck or Auto Races: 105-110 dB
  • Fireworks: 140-150 dB

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