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How to Guide for JBuds Air Executive True Wireless Earbuds by JLab AudioUpdated 6 months ago

In this instructional how-to video, we'll guide you through the following topics for the JBuds Air Executive True Wireless:

1. What's included - 0:03

2. Connecting to your device - 0:26

3. Pairing to a new/additional device - 1:01

4. Troubleshooting - Earbuds disconnected to each other or there's no sound in one earbud. How to manually reset the connection - 1:26

5. Troubleshooting - Bluetooth device does not connect. How to reconnect to your device - 2:18

6. Touch Controls - Learn all the functions - 2:53

7. Charging - How to charge your case and earbuds. How to turn off earbuds out of the case - 3:37

8. Fitting - Get the best fit and proper seal - 4:40

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