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How to: Pair your Headphones, Earbuds to PS5Updated 2 years ago

How to Connect PS5 Headset

Unfortunately, when trying to connect from your headset for Playstation to the Playstation console itself, you will find that there is no Bluetooth connectivity to be able to connect wireless. However, that does not make your Playstation 5 headset useless, as there are plenty of other ways to connect your headset without a USB Bluetooth adapter.

You can connect your gaming headset if your TV Monitor has Bluetooth built-in directly to the TV itself, or connect wireless through a media player like Fire TV or Roku.

Also, if that method doesn’t work for you or you want to connect headphones to the PS5 a bit further back from the screen, you can plug your audio output jack directly into the controller. The pairing process is similar to the above, simply use the 3.5mm AUX cable to connect your headset directly to the device.

Does PS5 have Bluetooth?

As mentioned above, if you are wondering how to connect PS5 headset, you will have to resort to other options outside of Bluetooth. With your JLab Headset, the pairing process couldn’t be easier with PS5 Bluetooth Audio. You can use a white gaming headset, or really any color through connecting to the controller.

If you are looking for an Over-Ear headset with 60+ hours of playtime with a retractable boom microphone and quick mute you would love our JLab Play Pro Gaming Wireless Over-Ear Headset. If you prefer an On-Ear fit with a retractable boom microphone the JLab Play Gaming Wireless Headset.

How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth to PS4

Unfortunately, similar to the PS5 most Bluetooth audio devices are not supported by the PS4. If you are wondering how to use headphones with PS4 then similarly you would have to take your 3.5mm AUX Cord and connect your gaming headset directly to the controller. By connecting your headphones this way, you will not need a Playstation headphone adapter.

Best Wireless Gaming Headset under $100

JLab has been dubbed the #1 True Wireless Brand under $100 in the US as well as the #1 Bluetooth Headphone Brand*, but also we have been praised for our gaming collection. Digital Trends named our Play Gaming Wireless Headset as one of “The Best Nintendo Switch Gaming Headsets” and XDA named it the “Best Nintendo Switch Headset Overall”. Additionally, JBuds Air Play Gaming Earbuds were named one of the top “8 Gaming Earbuds To Get Your Game On While Out and About”.

*The NPD Group, Inc., U.S. Retail Tracking Service, Stereo Headphones, Bluetooth Capable, based on units, June 2019.

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