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Microphone Cuts in and Out, No Sound Transmitted from MicUpdated 20 days ago

  • Try a different size silicone tip
    • Each model comes with multiple sizes of tips so you can achieve your custom noise-isolating fit
  • Check your audio device's port for lint or other foreign objects
    • Please ensure nothing is inhibiting the connection between your device and the headphones. Once you cleared out the audio ports, please ensure the audio jack is plugged all the way in.
  • Test your earbuds on another device
    • If the issue is consistent across more than one device please file a warranty claim
  • Check device volume and equalizer settings
    • Check your audio device to make sure your volume is set correctly, as well as any equalizer adjustments such as balance are correct.

**If you are still running into an issue, please reach out to our support team so we can help get you back up and running: [email protected]

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