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Quick TipsUpdated a year ago

Quick Tips

  • Either earbud can connect to your device and be used independently. Simply take out the earbud from charging case and it will auto connect.
  • Earbuds can be used with or without boom mic, but the mic will improve the quality of your voice and reduce background sound in clear voice mode.
  • Choosing the correct ear tip makes significant improvement in audio quality due to proper seal for the driver. Try all ear tips for best results.

Voice Prompts

  • "Ready to Pair": Work Buds are ready to pair to Bluetooth device
  • "Battery Full": 100-80%
  • "Battery Medium": 80-20%
  • "Low Battery": Less than 20%
  • When power decreases to 10%, "Low Batter" will play

Download the app

  • Customize JLab Work Buds features and update the latest software.
  • Download the JLab App in Apple/Google Play Store
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