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Touch Controls Version 2Updated a year ago

JLab Epic Air ANC makes controlling your music easy with the built in touch-controls.

  • Left:

    • Volume Down: Single Tap

    • Siri (iOS) or “Ok Google” (Android): Double Tap

    • Track Back: Press and Hold 1+ sec

    • EQ Change: Triple Tap

  • Right:

    • Volume Up: Single Tap

    • Play / Pause: Double Tap

    • Track Forward: Press and Hold 1+ sec

    • EQ Change: Triple Tap

  • Either:

    • Answer Call: Single Tap Left or Right

    • Hangup: Double Tap Left or Right 

    • Reject Incoming Calls: Press and Hold 1 sec Left or Right 

  • Music / Movie Mode: Press and hold both touch sensors simultaneously 3+ seconds 

  • Power OFF without charging case: Turn off your Bluetooth from your device settings. The earbuds then power off after 3 minutes.

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