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JBuds Mini

First Time Setup JBuds Mini

Pair Up1. Remove pull tab. Close case door with earbuds.2. Light on case indicates charge. Remove earbuds from case.3. One earbuds blinks blue/white = Ready to Pair4. Select "JLab JBuds Mini" in your Bluetooth settings to connect.Voice prompt "Blueto

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How To Use Your Earbuds

Go Ahead, Press the Button.

How to Charge Your JBuds Mini

Get Charged (Case)Connect the JBuds Mini to computer or USB 5V 1A (or less) output device. Get Charged (Earbuds)1. 2. Earbuds will auto power on and connect when removed.

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How To Connect To Multiple Devices Simultaneously

Multipoint1. Once FIRST device is connected turn off Bluetooth in device settings. JBuds Mini will auto enter Bluetooth Pairing.2. Enter your SECOND device Bluetooth settings and connect to JBuds Mini.3. Enter your FIRST device Bluetooth settings. Tu

Find Your Fit

FIND YOUR FITTry all ear tips for best fit and proper seal.

Quick Tips

QUICK TIPS• The left or right earbud can be used independently for music and phone calls. Simply choose one and take out of the case to connect. • Fully dry off earbuds before putting in the charging case to avoid any damage to the case. The earbuds

Factory Reset & Troubleshooting

TROUBLESHOOTINGCONNECTION FAILURE OR EARBUDS DISCONNECTED FROM EACH OTHER(MANUAL RESET). 1. Keep the earbuds in the charging case and forget “JLab JBuds Mini” from your Bluetooth device settings.2. Quick tap 7x on one earbud in charging case. Earbud