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Go Work Gen2 Headset

Charging | Wired Connection

How To Charge and Connect Your JLab Go Work Gen 2 Headset

Bluetooth Connection

Connect Via Bluetooth Your JLab Go Work Gen 2 Headset

Multipoint (Connect 2 Devices Simultaneously)

Multipoint is supported when connecting to two devices via Bluetooth. The USB-C Dongle and Wired connection methods create dedicated connection channels and do not support Multipoint.1. Once FIRST device is connected, turn off Bluetooth in device set

How to re-pair the GO Work 2 Dongle to your Headset

Connection failure with dongle or connecting your replacement dongle to your headset.

Go Work Gen2 Headset Setup

1. CHARGINGConnect to computer or USB 5v 1A (or less) output device. WIRED CONNECTIONConnect the GO Work 2 cable to the computer. Check your PC/Mac Input and Output settings. 2. BLUETOOH CONNECTIONTurn on Bluetooth in your device settings. Press and

How To Pair

How To Pair Your JLab Go Work Gen 2 Headset

Button Functions


WINDOWS 7/8/10/11: NO MICROPHONE AUDIO Depending on your PC, the Bluetooth might not detect the proper Bluetooth protocol. This is a known issue with certain Windows OS. 1. Open the Bluetooth & Device settings and enter the View more devices tab. 2.

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Customize GO Work 2 features and update the latest software.